My year in Scotland

After graduating from high school I went to study abroad in Edinburgh, Scotland, where I saw  amazing places and made plenty of new memories. Here are the pictures!


Highlands during springtime.


Back of the castle in Edinburgh.


Clock made of flowers in Princes’ Street Gardens, Edinburgh.


Scottish National Portrait Gallery in Edinburgh.


Sherlock Holmes statue in Edinburgh.


One of my favourite street signs in the Old Town, Edinburgh.


Bookshop with this sign.


Inveraray Castle in Agryll; one of the locations for Downton Abbey Season 3 Christmas Special, house of the fictional MacClare family.


Poster with Mary Poppins musical, which was on tour in UK. I saw it in the Festival Theatre, Edinburgh and it was purely mesmerizing.


Festival Theatre, at the time when Mary Poppins was there.


Another thing I saw at Festival Theatre was Cinderella ballet. (Obviously you couldn’t take pictures, so this is a photo taken from


Doctor Who’s Tardis in Glasgow.



Views from the Arthur’s Seat, a magnificent mountain right in the heart of Scotland’s capital.

IMG_1120Typical Nando’s food, the British meme king.


One of my favourite parts of being in UK was (is, and probably always will be) Waterstones.


National Gallery in Edinburgh.


Rosslyn Chapel, also a filming location: this time for The Da Vinci Code.


One of the typical pubs in the old town, Edinburgh.


Swan lake in Edinburgh.


Buchanan Street, Glasgow.


Scottish Disney princess, Merida, in Disney Store in Glasgow.

Overall, my stay in Scotland consisted of an amplitude of emotions: from being incredibly excited to embark on an adventure and move to UK, starting university, meeting people from all around the world, seeing and experiencing new things and places to homesickness, being unsure of the future, who am I and what my dreams are, as well as being alone for quite a lot of time. But when you think about it, I believe that as long as you don’t do anything against yourself, it’s great to try and do new things; they may be terrifying, but new memories are usually really worth it. My plans have changed and I’m going to continue my studies in Poland, but I’m happy with what I did and am proud of myself. Now it’s time for new adventures and I can’t wait to find out what’s in store for me!

Hope you enjoyed this post, which happens to be my first, as there are more to come very soon!



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