Auberge de Cendrillon

In August 2015, during one of my trips to Disneyland Paris, I went to Auberge de Cendrillon to celebrate my friend’s birthday. As it was one of those magical experiences that we all love to remember, I thought it would be nice to actually make a blog post about it.


IMG_7150Auberge from the outside.



Cinderella’s carriage.


(Disclaimer: I am aware that the photos are a bit blurry, it was caused by the rather problematic lights in the Auberge; hope you’ll enjoy them nonetheless!)


A beautiful painting (my home definitely needs it, tbh) of Cinderella and Charming’s wedding right in front of our table.


First of all, if you want to go there, you need to make a reservation. A dinner here may be rather pricey, but if you love fantasy-princessy-elegant type of experiences (which I surely do), I think it’s worth it. The food that is served here is truly delicious!


I had:

  • Prince’s Cocktail (a non-alcoholic, colorful burst of magic),
  • Amuse-Bouche,
  • Cream of pumpkin and porcini soup (which was covered in pastry and was absolutely delicious; normally I make a rather spicy pumpkin soup, so it was interesting to see a compeletely different version of something familiar),


  • Chicken breast in a creamy truffle sauce with three kinds of purées (sweet potato, vitelotte potato and regular potato) and vegetables,


  • Cinderella’s Slipper, which was a gorgeous chocolate dessert, accompanied by this little delectable trio,


The highlight of my stay there was obviously meeting characters. At Auberge there is always one couple, two princesses and two mice from Cinderella: Suzy and Perla. We met Cinderella with Prince Charming, Aurora and Rapunzel; all of them walked around the tables and guests got to enjoy a personal meet-and-greet; every once in a while all the characters came together to the middle of the restaurant and performed a dancing routine.


Cinderella and Charming dancing, view from the floor which was occupied by Suzy, Perla, 5 year old girls and me. And it does not embarass me at all.

Since it was my friend’s birhday celebration, we were lucky enough to get a picture with all princesses and prince at once, which normally doesn’t happen; to do that we had to stay at Auberge until its closing time, but since it is a lovely place it wasn’t  a problem at all.


The absolutely dazzling thing, at least for me, were the decorations and style overall. I dig all the Disney/fantasy/Jane Austen novels/Downton Abbey type of things and Auberge combines classic elegance with Disney Princesses’ aesthetics perfectly.


How gorgeous is this tapestry? I know I put it at the top of the post, but how can one not post it twice, if possible? Not only does it have Cinderella’s house on it, but also the castle, the town, and, of course, Jaq and Gus.


Even the toilets and doors to them were superb. I mean, I didn’t take pictures of the toilets, but this should suffice.

There isn’t much left to say, except for how badly I want to go back!



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