Inveraray Castle

In May 2016 I visited Inveraray castle. Here are my thoughts!

I already mentioned going there, but such a beautiful place truly deserves a separate post. The castle is placed in western Scotland, on the shore of Loch Fyne (about 1,5 hour away from Glasgow by bus). I went there twice, once when I first visited Scotland in 2013 (although then I didn’t see the inside of the castle, neither the gardens), the second time during my year abroad, mostly because I wanted to see the place where one of the Christmas specials of Downton Abbey was shot. (Little spoiler alert: remember that beautiful, yet incredibly heartbreaking  final for season 3, when Crawleys paid a visit to the MacClares? That’s the place, the Duneagle castle!) In the series, it is home of Lady Rose (played by my favourite actress Lily James) and her parents, but in real life it is an ancerstral home of Duke of Agryll.


The place from the scene with Anna, Bates and Lady Rose.


First look at the castle. (If you ever go there, do not forget to get your tickets from a little booth in the parking lot – even if you bought them online, like me, you still have to get a physical copy in a form of receipt.)


The entrance.

Pictures from the inside:







A blurry picture of a picture of Dame Maggie Smith as Dowager Countess, Violet Crawley.


The view from the garden.IMG_1857

The daffodil – a symbol of British spring.


This is a bridge that you need to cross to get to the town and the castle, both called Inveraray.

Also, you can go for a walk to see the town nearby, from where you can have a marvelous view at the loch.


It was a really nice trip, as I always like to see places I first saw in the movies/TV series. Hope you like this post!



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