Where to buy books?

Inspired by the conversation I had with my friend today I decided to write this short, but perhaps helpful, post. If you are a bookworm like me, you surely must know the struggle of going to the bookstore and trying not to spend every penny you own on a new book (recent releases, re-editions, other editions of the books you already own, graphic novel editions of your favourites, ‘Art of’ your beloved books…we all know that this list never ends). As much as I love getting my paper friends in the actual shops, I find buying them online more economic in most cases. Also, such situation gives me the perk of waiting for a package and awaiting parcels is truly exciting!

I’ve been buying books online for quite some time now, and the sites I can truly recommend are wordery.com and bookdepository.com; they both have free international delivery, which I find helpful since I like reading books in English, but I live in Poland. A more economic way is to buy used books; I use ebay to do that and I’ve never had a problem with it. And getting ‘The World of Downton Abbey’ in mint condition for 2.81£ instead of 20£ is a great bargain, am I right (for those interested: my most trusted seller is worldofbooks08)?

Some bookshops, like Waterstones for example, have clearing boxes, where you may find both something you’d never buy and something you’d love to own and now it’s actually possible as it’s been seriously discounted (books for 1£, little thingamabobs like bookmarks, these are my finds).

There are also shops that aren’t particularily my favourite, but have nice books for suprisingly low prices. The one of this kind I used to visit rather often was The Works; it isn’t the most aesthetically appealing place, but can provide you with cheap, new books.

I suppose I didn’t discover anything groundbreaking with this post, but some of you may find it useful!



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