London October 2016 Day 1

I had a long break from writing here, but it’s about time I start doing it again. Yesterday I came back from a trip to London and I reckon that it’s a great thing to talk about.


I absolutely enjoyed myself there, and have to admit that I truly needed getting away to a different place and breathing different air. The reason for going there was seeing my friend and going to theatre together (which is like a main reason for us to plan trips of this kind), but all in all we did a lot more.

On the first day, which happened to be Friday, after I arrived at Victoria Station, we headed for a late lunch at Whole Foods, which is one of the best food-related places I’ve been to, but doing your daily shopping there is, to put it lightly, tough for student’s wallet.


Spooky pumpkins at Whole Foods.

Afterwards it was time for a very adequate in time spookiness, so we headed to Charles Dickens Museum at 48 Doughty Street for a Halloween event. It was a special event that you had to get tickets for quite early and we managed to get the last two that were available on the website.

Just a little disclaimer: I was taking pictures with my phone and it was quite dark both inside and outside, hence the medicore quality of them.


The whole thing was really great; the rooms were candlelit, wherever you went you could hear spooky noises like crying or creepy footsteps, all inspired by Dickens’ or his wife’s life.


View from the street; what is visible through the windows is a lovely museum shop.


The rooms were made with such a taste it was a real pleasure to spend time there and imagine what it would be like to live in victorian London in a house like that.

In the basement there was a woman reading tarrot for all willing to get a glimpse at their future and in one other room where were clothes and props with which you could take a picture.

In my opinion, the best part was the backyard; full of tables with carved pumpkins and candles. We bought Victorian Lemonade to fully enjoy ourselves and it was one of the best evening outings I experienced recently.


This one just has to be the cutest pumpkin I’ve ever seen.


And the view from our table!

Thank you so much for reading, I will soon add more posts for the days 2,3 and 4!



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