London October 2016 Day 2

Hello again! This post is about the second day of my trip to London. Enjoy!

First of all, we started with a walk: both my friend and I had a day filled with theatre ahead, so some fresh air was a great idea. And just look at those autumnal colours!


Then I headed to the West End, where I saw Aladdin, which was absolutely SPECTACULAR. It was magical, the performances were incredible and I managed to get a poster with autographs with the cast, so what else could I wish for, right?


I even got a picture with Jafar!

Next, it was time for dinner, so we met (my friend was at a different theatre at the time) and headed to the Oxford Street. Afterwards we walked a bit and went to the Garrick to see Kenneth Branagh in The Entertainer!


Unfortunately, we did not actually meet any of the actors at the stage door, because they were busy this evening. Going to the stage door is something I really enjoy, being able to talk to the actors really adds up to the whole experience (I still didn’t really got over the fact that I talked to Lily James in May), but The Entertainer was truly brilliant anyay!

So that was the Day 2! Hope you enjoyed following me on this little adventure, I never went to two plays in one day before and it was so much fun!



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